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Sulz am Neckar: A business location in Baden-Württemberg

Sulz am Neckar
Sulz am Neckar

Sulz am Neckar, a charming town located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is not only known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage but also for its thriving business environment. This blog will explore the various aspects of Sulz am Neckar's business scene, providing specific examples and detailed insights into the economic activities that make this town a significant player in the regional economy.

Sulz am Neckar business landscape

Sulz am Neckar is strategically located along the Neckar River, which has historically been a crucial trade route. This advantageous location has contributed to the town's economic growth, attracting businesses from various sectors. The town boasts a diverse economy with a mix of traditional industries and modern enterprises.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Sulz am Neckar's economy. The town is home to several prominent manufacturing companies that produce a wide range of products, from automotive components to machinery and textiles.

Hansgrohe SE

One of the leading companies based in Sulz am Neckar is Hansgrohe SE, a global leader in bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Established in 1901, Hansgrohe has grown into a major player in the global market, renowned for its innovative designs and high-quality products. The company's commitment to sustainability and innovation has earned it numerous awards and a strong market presence.

Source: Hansgrohe SE

Murrelektronik GmbH

Another significant player in the manufacturing sector is Murrelektronik GmbH, specializing in industrial automation and electronic components. Their products are vital for various industries, including automotive, logistics, and machine building, contributing significantly to the local and regional economy.

Renewable Energy Sector

Sulz am Neckar is also making strides in the renewable energy sector, with several initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable energy production and consumption.

Wind and Solar Projects

The town has invested in wind and solar energy projects to reduce its carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability. These projects not only provide clean energy but also create jobs and stimulate the local economy.le Wirtschaft.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism plays a vital role in Sulz am Neckar's economy. The town's rich history, beautiful landscapes, and cultural attractions draw visitors from around the world.

Castle Ruins and Historical Sites

The ruins of Albeck Castle and other historical sites attract tourists, boosting the local hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, and local businesses benefit from the influx of visitors, creating a robust tourism sector.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Sulz am Neckar is home to numerous SMEs, which are the backbone of its economy. These enterprises span various sectors, including retail, services, and technology.

Local Artisans and Craft Businesses

The town supports a vibrant community of artisans and craft businesses, known for their high-quality, locally-made products. These businesses not only preserve traditional crafts but also contribute to the local economy by attracting tourists and creating jobs.

Educational Institutions and Innovation

Education and innovation are crucial for sustaining economic growth, and Sulz am Neckar is well-equipped in this regard.

Vocational Training Centers

The town hosts several vocational training centers that provide specialized training and skills development programs. These centers are instrumental in preparing the local workforce for various industries, ensuring a steady supply of skilled labor for businesses. Source: Baden-Württemberg Vocational Training

Infrastructure and Connectivity

The town's infrastructure and connectivity are key factors that facilitate business operations and attract investments.

Transportation Network

Sulz am Neckar is well-connected by road and rail, making it easy for businesses to transport goods and services. The efficient transportation network also attracts logistics companies, adding to the town's economic diversity. Source: Sulz am Neckar Transportation,

Business opportunities and future prospects

Sulz am Neckar offers numerous business opportunities, thanks to its strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive local government policies. The town is actively working to attract new businesses and foster innovation through various initiatives.

Business Incentives and Support

The local government provides various incentives and support programs for businesses. These include tax benefits, grants, and assistance with navigating regulatory requirements. Such support makes Sulz am Neckar an attractive destination for startups and established companies alike.

Innovation Hubs and Technology Parks

To promote innovation and technological advancement, Sulz am Neckar is developing innovation hubs and technology parks. These facilities provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources for research and development, fostering collaboration between businesses and academic institutions.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sulz am Neckar is committed to sustainability, with various initiatives aimed at promoting green practices among businesses. These initiatives not only help protect the environment but also attract eco-conscious consumers and investors.


Sulz am Neckar is a vibrant and dynamic town with a diverse and thriving business environment. From its strong manufacturing base to its growing renewable energy sector and robust tourism industry, the town offers numerous opportunities for businesses to flourish. With its strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive local government, Sulz am Neckar is well-positioned for continued economic growth and development.


By exploring these resources, you can gain deeper insights into Sulz am Neckar's economic potential and business landscape.


Important companies in Sulz am Neckar

Sulz am Neckar is home to several prominent businesses that play a significant role in the town's economy. These companies span various industries, including manufacturing, technology, and services, contributing to the overall economic vitality of the region. In this section, we will explore some of the major businesses in Sulz am Neckar, providing specific examples and detailed insights into their operations and impact.

Key Players in the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is one of the pillars of Sulz am Neckar's economy. The town hosts several large manufacturing companies known for their high-quality products and innovative practices.

Hansgrohe SE

  • Overview: As mentioned earlier, Hansgrohe SE is a global leader in the production of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Founded in 1901, the company has established a strong reputation for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability.

  • Products: Hansgrohe offers a wide range of products, including showerheads, faucets, and kitchen sinks. The company's products are known for their quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

  • Impact: Hansgrohe SE employs a significant number of local residents, contributing to the town's employment rates and economic stability. Additionally, the company's focus on sustainability and innovation has set a benchmark for other local businesses.

Source: Hansgrohe SE

Murrelektronik GmbH

  • Overview: Murrelektronik GmbH specializes in industrial automation and electronic components. The company is known for its innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of industrial operations.

  • Products: Murrelektronik's product portfolio includes power supplies, fieldbus systems, and control cabinet components. These products are essential for various industries, including automotive, logistics, and machinery.

  • Impact: By providing cutting-edge solutions, Murrelektronik GmbH plays a crucial role in advancing industrial automation. The company also supports local employment and contributes to the region's technological advancement.

Burgmaier Technologies GmbH + Co KG

  • Overview: Burgmaier Technologies is a leading manufacturer of precision components for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. The company has a strong presence in Sulz am Neckar and is known for its high-quality products and advanced manufacturing processes.

  • Products: The company produces a variety of precision components, including gear parts, shafts, and housings. These components are crucial for the performance and reliability of automotive and industrial machinery.

  • Impact: Burgmaier Technologies employs a skilled workforce and invests in state-of-the-art technology, contributing to the local economy and enhancing the town's reputation as a hub for precision manufacturing.

Emerging Technology and Innovation

Sulz am Neckar is not only about traditional manufacturing; it is also a burgeoning center for technology and innovation. The town supports a growing number of tech companies and startups that are pushing the boundaries of various industries.

Adlatus Robotics GmbH

  • Overview: Adlatus Robotics GmbH is an innovative company specializing in service robots for industrial and commercial applications. The company's robots are designed to perform tasks such as cleaning and maintenance, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

  • Products: Adlatus offers a range of autonomous robots equipped with advanced navigation and sensory systems. These robots are used in various settings, including factories, warehouses, and public spaces.

  • Impact: By introducing cutting-edge robotics technology, Adlatus Robotics is helping to modernize local businesses and improve operational efficiency. The company's innovations also attract tech talent to Sulz am Neckar, fostering a culture of innovation.

IMI Precision Engineering

  • Overview: IMI Precision Engineering is a global leader in motion and fluid control technologies. The company has a significant presence in Sulz am Neckar, where it develops and manufactures advanced control solutions for various industries.

  • Products: IMI Precision Engineering offers products such as actuators, valves, and pneumatic systems. These products are essential for automation and control in industries like automotive, food and beverage, and energy.

  • Impact: The company's advanced control solutions contribute to the efficiency and productivity of local industries. IMI Precision Engineering also provides high-quality jobs and fosters technical expertise within the community.

The Service Sector and Small Businesses

In addition to large corporations, Sulz am Neckar has a vibrant service sector and a thriving community of small businesses. These enterprises play a crucial role in supporting the local economy and providing essential services to residents and visitors.

Kollmar & Jourdan AG

  • Overview: Kollmar & Jourdan AG is a well-established jewelry manufacturer in Sulz am Neckar. The company is renowned for its exquisite designs and craftsmanship, catering to both local and international markets.

  • Products: The company produces a wide range of jewelry items, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail and quality, reflecting the company's commitment to excellence.

  • Impact: Kollmar & Jourdan AG contributes to the local economy by employing skilled artisans and promoting Sulz am Neckar as a center for fine jewelry. The company's success also attracts tourists and customers, boosting the town's profile.

Hotel Rössle

  • Overview: Hotel Rössle is a family-owned hotel in Sulz am Neckar that offers a blend of traditional hospitality and modern amenities. The hotel is popular among tourists and business travelers alike.

  • Services: Hotel Rössle provides comfortable accommodation, fine dining, and event hosting services. The hotel's restaurant is known for its delicious regional cuisine and warm ambiance.

  • Impact: By attracting visitors and hosting events, Hotel Rössle supports the local tourism industry and creates jobs. The hotel also serves as a venue for business meetings and conferences, contributing to the town's business ecosystem.


Sulz am Neckar is a dynamic town with a diverse and thriving business environment. From major manufacturing companies like Hansgrohe SE and Murrelektronik GmbH to innovative tech firms like Adlatus Robotics, the town boasts a wide range of businesses that contribute to its economic vitality. The service sector and small businesses further enhance the local economy, providing essential services and attracting visitors.

The town's strategic location, skilled workforce, and supportive local government make it an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes. As Sulz am Neckar continues to grow and evolve, it remains a key player in the regional economy, offering numerous opportunities for business development and investment.

For more information on major businesses and economic activities in Sulz am Neckar, you can visit the following official websites:

By exploring these resources, you can gain deeper insights into the major businesses that drive the economy of Sulz am Neckar and discover the potential for business opportunities in this vibrant town.


Small Businesses in Sulz am Neckar

Small businesses are the backbone of Sulz am Neckar's economy, providing essential services, fostering community spirit, and contributing to the town's unique charm. This section will delve into the various small businesses that thrive in Sulz am Neckar, highlighting specific examples and detailing their contributions to the local economy.

Local Artisans and Craft Businesses

Sulz am Neckar boasts a vibrant community of artisans and craft businesses that preserve traditional skills while creating unique products.

Handmade Pottery by Töpferei Ziegelhütte

  • Overview: Töpferei Ziegelhütte is a well-known pottery studio in Sulz am Neckar. The studio is dedicated to creating handcrafted pottery that combines traditional techniques with modern designs.

  • Products: The studio produces a wide range of pottery items, including vases, bowls, and decorative pieces. Each item is meticulously crafted and often features intricate patterns and glazes.

  • Impact: Töpferei Ziegelhütte not only provides unique, high-quality products but also attracts tourists interested in local crafts. The studio offers workshops and classes, fostering a sense of community and passing on traditional skills to new generations.

Schwarzwälder Holzkunst

  • Overview: Schwarzwälder Holzkunst specializes in handcrafted wooden items that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Black Forest region. The business is known for its meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

  • Products: The company offers a variety of wooden products, including toys, decorations, and household items. Each piece is crafted from locally sourced wood and features traditional Black Forest designs.

  • Impact: Schwarzwälder Holzkunst contributes to the local economy by employing skilled artisans and promoting sustainable forestry practices. The business also enhances the town's cultural appeal, attracting visitors and customers from near and far.

Retail and Specialty Shops

The retail sector in Sulz am Neckar is diverse, with numerous specialty shops offering unique products and personalized services.

Blumenladen Petunia

  • Overview: Blumenladen Petunia is a charming flower shop in the heart of Sulz am Neckar. The shop is renowned for its beautiful floral arrangements and friendly customer service.

  • Products: Blumenladen Petunia offers a wide range of flowers, plants, and floral arrangements for various occasions, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. The shop also provides customized bouquets and floral decor services.