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  • Writer's pictureRăzvan Munteanu

Portfolio Study Case: Visual Identity for Bega Brass, the International Brass Music Festival

Bega Brass international muzic festival logo

​Bega Brass Festival 2023 is the first large-scale international brass band music festival in Romania, being a tribute to the tradition of Romanian and Swabian brass band music from the region of Banat.


A visual representation of the festival's identity

Visual Identity Portfolio Project

For this project, GT VISUALS have crafted a unique visual identity, consisting of custom graphic elements. All graphic elements were later incorporated into compositions such as posters and other visual promotional material.


Bega Brass themed background image



The creative journey commenced with in-depth historical research on Banat's Brass music. Simultaneously, in order to be able to craft distinctive visual identity and avoid all similarities, we delved into the visuals of renowned international brass music festivals.

The Story

Bega Brass vertical image

The history of brass music in Banat has its roots in the early 19th century, within a historical context marked by wars and turmoil. During that troubled period, characterized by a world in disarray, the need for emotional solace and the yearning for a better life became paramount. Brass music played a significant role in addressing these emotional needs. As the century progressed, these musical groups transformed into skilled military brass bands, often called 'boys' bands,' earning worldwide recognition. This historical backdrop laid the foundation for Bega Brass' distinctive visual identity, celebrating the Banat region's rich musical heritage.


Concept Research


Commencing with the inherent vintage aesthetic of brass steel instruments, we established both a visual and a historical connection with the steampunk style - which, same as brass style, reflects a historical context marked by turmoil, the XIX-century industrialism of the Victorian era.

Driven by a desire to craft a visually captivating narrative that could resonate with a broader audience, particularly the younger generation, we decided to infuse elements of the steampunk style into the design.

Concept & Development

Cohesive Visual Identity Poster for Bega Brass


We started from scratch, developing each graphic element individually. This approach allowed us to ensure that every component of the visual identity was unique and tailored to the festival's essence.



Immersive Visuals

To further immerse festival-goers in the Bega Brass experience, I crafted specific-sized posters designed for a unique marketing initiative. These posters were the key to transforming an ordinary bus into an immersive visual story. The bus became a mobile canvas, adorned with the festival's visuals, and traversed the city for an entire month, captivating the public and sparking excitement about the upcoming event.



As the first international brass music festival in Romania, Bega Brass Festival 2023 celebrates the rich heritage of Banat's brass music. GT VISUALS is proud to have contributed to this legacy with a distinctive visual identity that pays homage to tradition while embracing innovation. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey!

Share this inspiring portfolio story with your friends and on social media to spread the magic of GT VISUALS' creativity. If you're inspired by our work and need professional visual identity services for your next project, reach out to us at Let's bring your vision to life together!


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