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Servicebedingungen | GT VISUALS

Design Clauses

Design Competence of GT VISUALS

GT VISUALS possesses exclusive skills, knowledge, and expertise in design, art, and all aesthetic visual aspects, including technical, graphic, psychological, artistic, and aesthetic elements of design. This encompasses total control over design decisions in accordance with GT VISUALS's capabilities.

Design and Design Elements

The term 'design' includes all graphic, technical, psychological, artistic, aesthetic, and visual elements with graphic, technical, artistic, and visual aesthetic purposes. This also covers their constituent elements, shaping visual and aesthetic identity aligned with GT VISUALS's competencies.

Modifications to Design

Modifications can be any interventions, total or partial, authorized or unauthorized, on the design, regardless of who performs them. Modifications must be authorized by GT VISUALS to be considered valid, respecting social and legal norms, GT VISUALS's rights, standards, norms, and image.

Conditions for Design Modifications

Design modifications must adhere to specific conditions to be considered valid:

  • Must fall under the purview of GT VISUALS.

  • Can only be made with GT VISUALS's authorization.

  • Must comply with applicable social and legal norms.

  • Must respect GT VISUALS’s rights, standards, norms, and image.

  • Must be based on substantial and justifiable reasons.

  • Must be technically and objectively argued.

Technical Argumentation

Any objections and arguments regarding design must be technically substantiated with competent, current, objective, practical, logically valid, statistically valid, and/or scientifically based documentation. Unjustified modifications or design rejections by a client are considered null.

Responsibility for Design

GT VISUALS is responsible only for actions and materials directly related to its design competencies. It assumes no responsibility for elements outside its direct design competencies, nor for any changes or interventions on non-design elements, as these actions are aimed solely at improving contractual collaboration efficiency.

Design Litigations

All objections against the design or design capabilities of GT VISUALS that are not supported by objective technical argumentation are considered null and void. Claims, challenges, or rejections that are deemed null cannot produce any legal effects or claims for compensation from GT VISUALS.

Non-Design Elements

GT VISUALS repeatedly and clearly informs the client about the absence of liability for non-design elements, as well as the role of any interventions (if applicable). GT VISUALS is not responsible for non-design elements, regardless of how they were created, processed, or modified.

Design Disputes

In matters of design, any dispute, objection, or rejection related to the design or design capabilities generated by GT VISUALS that lacks objective technical substantiation will be considered invalid. Such disputes cannot engender any effects.

Null and Void Procedures

Any null procedure initiated by a client concerning design modifications, contests, or rejections does not entail liability for GT VISUALS and can be ignored without repercussions.

Representative Clauses

Social and Legal Norms

GT VISUALS operates in full compliance with all applicable social, moral, legal, constitutional, general, community, and local laws and norms, which apply to both the operations of GT VISUALS and its clients.

GT VISUALS Standards

The standards of GT VISUALS refer to the internal and external values, norms, regulations, terms, and policies guiding its interactions with clients, collaborators, and partners. These standards uphold the integrity and image of GT VISUALS while adhering to all applicable social and legal norms.


The image of GT VISUALS encompasses all aspects affecting public and professional perception, including reputation, credibility, physical and moral integrity, and dignity. This image extends to the company itself, its representatives, collaborators, employees, and all associated physical, digital, and intellectual properties.


The aegis of GT VISUALS represents the intellectual property or portfolio inclusion of GT VISUALS, potentially covering logos, emblems, stamps, or other representative symbols of GT VISUALS. This aegis signifies GT VISUALS's direct accountability for the quality of its products and services concerning design, as well as the responsibility for the associated public and internal corporate image.

Rights under GT VISUALS Aegis

GT VISUALS has the exclusive right to modify or withdraw its aegis from any products or services, reflecting its sole discretion in managing its intellectual property and associated public image.

GT VISUALS retains the explicit right to utilize all materials under its aegis in its portfolios for promotional, demonstrative, and marketing purposes, and to manage and modify these materials as necessary to enhance or protect its image.

Safeguard Clause

The capability to enact a safeguard clause is exclusive to GT VISUALS and is absolute and unilateral, shielding GT VISUALS from any claims or compensation demands arising from its enactment. This includes any actions that GT VISUALS deems necessary to avert risks or repair damages to its image due to client actions that threaten or undermine its public perception.


Image Protection

Safeguarding refers to GT VISUALS's preemptive and defensive capability to protect its image against any non-compliant or harmful intentions or actions by clients that could damage GT VISUALS's image. This includes unilateral actions taken to prevent or mitigate any potential damage to its public standing.

GT VISUALS holds the rights to initiate any necessary legal actions to defend its image and to refuse any design modifications, contestations, or rejections that do not meet the preset conditions reflecting GT VISUALS's standards and image.

Actions taken under the aegis of GT VISUALS that contravene decency norms or degrade any person or party are considered direct attacks on GT VISUALS's image. In such cases, GT VISUALS is empowered to seek legal remedies and compensation for damages incurred.

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